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As a multi-unit property owner, you work hard to protect your assets and create value for your business and its shareholders. In today’s world, there’s no reason to not be adequately protected from all unexpected losses occurring at one of your buildings. Your commercial Insurance policy protects your building but what happens when a resident causes damage?

Pro Specialty understands the importance of your real estate and we have the solutions to help you increase property value by protecting your assets.

Do 100% of your residents have insurance in-place? Let us help with that.

Benefits For All

Keeping track of renters insurance is cumbersome and distracts managers from their core responsibilities of renting units and customer service. The last thing you want your leasing agents focusing on is whether your residents are complying with the insurance requirement set forth in your lease agreement.

At Pro Specialty, we utilize technology that can integrate seamlessly with your property management software and develop an insurance program that ensures all residents comply with the insurance requirement set forth in the lease agreement. Our renters insurance programs will manage that compliance piece for you without any additional work for site level staff and our technology guarantees to close coverage gaps which will create a permanent safety net at your communities. Our Insurance programs are easy to implement, offer residents affordable renters insurance coverage and landlords support, peace of mind and another way to increase property value.

Want to Know More?

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of partnering with Pro Specialty Insurance on your Renters Insurance needs, please reach out to us!

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